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Decked Out

I would like to thank you for another excellent remodeling job on the exterior of my home. I asked you about installing siding on the gables and wrapping all my windows so that everything would blend in with my older brick home. I knew I could trust you with all the details. Of course, I am thrilled with the results! My home looks great! Chris and Jesse worked hard on my home for the past three weeks. They were polite, friendly and professional. They provided me with daily updates and asked questions about my preferences. They explained what they were doing and why. If I needed further explanation, they were patient and explained the details to me. I could leave for the day and knew that they could be trusted. The area was picked up every day. I especially appreciate the challenging task of removing an old tower on the side of my home. It is finally gone! Thank you for a job well done!
Mary Venzon