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Open Update Kitchen

See this review by the customer:

You couldn’t find a more professional group of people, and in Chuck, there’s somebody who always takes your best interests to heart when planning and executing the project. He was very accommodating because we knew that the project would include a lot of demolition. We’d have to get rid of basically two walls for sure, and then as the project unfolded, we actually decided that we wanted to open up one other space. But the only wall that was there was a load bearing wall, and we thought, “Oh, we can’t do that.” And Chuck was able to say, “No, I don’t think that’s quite the case. Let me take a little look here.” We were able to cut back a wall that was a load bearing wall that he was able to do some creative work on to still maintain the integrity of that and still give us what we wanted in that area. So some things we weren’t even sure that we’d be able to do, we thought we might have some limitations, but those didn’t even turn out to be limitations. That made us very happy.

One of the things I liked most was when Chuck would come into the house and look around. He would spot things that we hadn’t even considered and incorporated those into the plan, and some of those are some of the things we like the most now. And then once the work began, the workers that came were the best. They were on time, they took care of everything, they gave us updates every single day, of how the work was progressing. Everything stayed on schedule, and we were just very happy with everything at the conclusion. Definitely talk to Chuck. His ideas are great, and I think that you’d be happy with anything he does for you.

Todd and Sandra Schifeling (Morton)