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Revived Garden Kitchen

This is a note to thank all of you for the wonderful new updated kitchen you build for us. We truly enjoyed working with each of you. From planning to design to installation you were friendly, supportive and very professional in everything you did for us. Caroline, you guided us through the planning process and showed us possibilities for our new kitchen that we had not thought of. The kitchen you designed is both beautiful and highly functional. We love the counter space and open look of the new design. Your coordination of all the details and scheduling made the project flow smoothly and efficiently. Jeff your expertise, craftsmanship, and passion for getting every aspect of the installation done exactly right have given us a kitchen that will look good and function well for years to come while at the same time greatly enhancing the value of our home. Chuck, this is the second time we have hired CT Gabbert Remodeling, the first time being almost eighteen years ago when we moved into this house. At that time, your company remodeled our bathrooms. Eighteen years later, the bathrooms still look great, so when we needed an update of our kitchen, we thought of Gabbert Remodeling and we are glad we did. To all of you, it has been a pleasure to be your customer. We appreciated your professionalism as well as the friendly supportive and patient way you dealt with us as customers. If you ever need a reference, we will be happy to give the Gabbert Team an enthusiastic thumbs up!
Johnston’s (Metamora)